Sunday, July 24, 2016

NSL Panzergrenadier Starter Pack Deal

I ordered and received from GZGs : 
NSL Panzergrenadier Starter Pack Deal   - NSLpzgrStarterPack  
plus the following: 
1 SG15-N33 - SG15-N33 
1 SG15-N32 - SG15-N32  
1 SG15-N31 - SG15-N31 
2 SG15-N19 - SG15-N19  
4 SG15-N02 - SG15-N02 
2 V15-79A - V15-79A  
2 V15-79B - V15-79B  
1 SG15-N10 - SG15-N10  
1 SG15-N11 - SG15-N11
1 SG15-N15 - SG15-N15 
1 SG15-N18 - SG15-N18
Plan to do these up in urban camo and brigade them with some
Heavy Gear Mechs



I almost bought that last January for my Neue Deutsche Republik battleforce. I settled on getting a platoon of the NSL power armor instead. I ended up using Critical Mass Games ARC Fleet Recon troopers for my basic infantry and Brigade Models German ONESS minis for the vast majority of the battleforce's vehicles. Still, I'm thinking about picking up the NSL Starter Pack Deal.

Don M said...

With the pound being close to one to one with the dollar it clinched it for me!
I have a ton of the old large scale Heavy Gear stuff already painted up in urban
cammo, and added some vehicles from various sources for my city fighter brigade.

Robert Foran said...

It's a good pack, with enough figures for 2x platoons and supporting elements, but the NSL TO&E in Stargrunt II includes a squad of power armour and MICV's. I have the PA and need to get the MICV's. I'm still working on mine and have also opted for an urban cam. I plan on making them perform triple duty as Panzergrenadiers, Sterntruppen (swap the vehicles for dropships) and Luftbeweglich Infanterie (swap vehicles for VTOL troop transports).

I really like the fan bikes.

Don M said...

Yeah Robert they are nice looking troops and should work well in all three roles.