Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tanker's Tuesday: T55

The most produced tank in history?

Still classed as a medium tank, the T-54 was clearly a superior design to the T-44. Nowadays it is seen as an all-out classic of the Cold War. The T-55 version, which appeared in 1958, was the sum of all the modifications applied to the previous T-54 series, with several differences which made a clear distinction from the previous model. One of these was NBC protection and a brand new engine. T-54s were modernized over time to the T-55 standard, leading to a nearly indistinguishable “T-54/55” generic type.

T 55 Tank

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J Womack, Esq. said...

I believe that I saw a destroyed Iraqi T-55 at the USS Alabama park in Mobile, AL. I took a couple of photos. I am sure it is a later model, as well. I believe it had an IR spotlight