Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tanker's Tuesday: PT 76

The Russian Plavayushchiy Tank or PT-76 is a light, amphibious tank developed in the early 1950s. It is operated by a crew of three personnel. About 12,000 of these floating tanks were produced for domestic and export markets from 1958-1967. About 2,000 vehicles were exported to various countries including Vietnam, Indonesia, North Korea, India, Hungary, Egypt, Afghanistan, Cuba, China and Russia.
It is still in active service for fire-support, reconnaissance and troop transport operations with about 25 countries across the world. The light tank is still in service with several naval infantry units across the world for its excellent manoeuvrability at varying depths of water. China developed the Type 63 amphibious light tank based on the design of PT-76.


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