Friday, November 20, 2015

Morval Earth : The Inch High Club

On these  pages you will find information and pictures about those tiny warriors who fight the battles of history, the present day and the future.  They do so in a myriad of homes and clubs throughout the world.  Their owners and commanders derive a great deal of pleasure from them.  Ours is a hobby of research, modelling, painting, collecting, organising and playing.  We regard it as a fun social event to be shared though sometimes it is, like many pleasures, enjoyed alone.  Our miniature soldiers and armies fight their way through jungles, over mountains and in deserts.  They face foes from all over the world, throughout time and from Hollywood! 

These pages are dedicated to those who play with little soldiers and all their equipment, their vehicles, their weapons, their aircraft and ships. 

The pages reflect the interests of our little group of friends.

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