Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Khurasan Miniatures: KURDISH PESHMERGA

These models represent the irregulars and, increasingly, semi-regular forces of highly-regarded Kurdish fighters. Peshmerga means "he who confronts death" and that name is increasingly apt in the intense fighting occuring in the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq, and, especially, the rise of ISIS in post-occupation Iraq and Syria. These models are meant to portray the better equipped standing forces on the Peshmerga.

Most Peshmerga use Russian weapons but stocks of western rifles have been provided to them as well, and we have made sets for each. 

I already had some Oddzial Osmy : Modern Troopers

and wanted something to mix in with them, these are perfect! I do plan to trade out the
Saggers with Peter Pig made 107mm RR.....)

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