Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tanker's Tuesday: M-8 Greyhound



The Greyhound design

The vehicle eventually put into production was the T22E2, a 6×6 standardized version approved on May 19, 1942. It’s forerunner, the T22E1, was a 4×4, also tested, but rejected. It had an all welded hull, although some external panels were riveted. Only the front axle was used for steering, while the two at the rear were fixed. These wheels had an armored center and a bead lock to prevent them from collapsing in combat. The driver, whom sat on the left, while the radio operator sat on the right, used a standard steering wheel. They had a protruding compartment with two-piece folding armored panels and narrow sights. The turret housed both the commander and gunner, and was open-top, although shutters and hatch covers could be closed and small protectoscopes used for peripheral vision. The M6 main gun was aimed with a M70D telescopic sight. It received 80 rounds when operating a single radio, but often a second one was fitted, this leaving room for only 16 rounds stored in the turret. For this reason, additional racks were mounted externally when possible. A new 6×6 light armored car design


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