Friday, July 24, 2015

British - Vehicles C15TA Armored Truck

When the Americans decided to phase out the White Scout Car, the British decided a replacement was needed as the White Scout Car had proven indispensable in its role of an armoured lorry. The value of the White Scout Car was not lost on the Canadian either, who set out to design replacement based on the Otter LRC (Light Reconnaissance Car).

The completed design was designated the C15TA was powered by a 270 cid six-cylinder engine with a two ratio gearbox. The British placed a contract for 3000 vehicle in late 1943 and during the period between 1944 and 1944 to replace the American half-tracks and White Scout Cars they had previously been reliant upon. The demand for the vehicle was so high that General Motors Canada built close to 4000 vehicle at their Oshawa planet alone.

The C15TA proved popular where it serves and could fill the role of flat-bed truck, eight-man personnel carrier or ambulance. This versatility meant the C15TA stayed in service well into the post-war years.


Don M said...

I saw a photo of these years ago (I think it was in Malaya in the 50s)
I never knew of the origin or type/class of this vehicle, interesting (at least to me)....)

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. They vehicles were popular after the war with forestry companies in the UK. There is a restored one around here which turns up at vehicle shows.