Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cave Of The Condor

These are from a now defunct game system called Terminus V, a
post apocalyptical setting where there were no air assets used. It
had great potential but sadly the creators health prevented further


Pete. said...

Good eye candy, the mountain looks like a cross between Eben Emal and Guns of Naverone....



Don M said...

I'm trying to look the guy up and buy it...)

Anonymous said...

Actually, the game, Terminus V The Armageddon Vortex (otherwise known as "T5"), is still out there and being played! You can find it just by searching on Google. Owner did have to close the company, Scorpion's Nest Tactical Gaming, due to health reasons, but he still supports the game.

Don M said...

I'm sure it's still being plated and that copies are still available , just haven't seen the T5 web page in tears, and haven't heard from the author since 2006