Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tanker's Tuesday: T34/85 Regiment


Tim Gow said...

Definitely a unit out looking for trouble. That camo scheme certainly works - it hurts my eyes!

Don M said...

LOL well as I always put it Russians are best served cold....)

Archduke Piccolo said...

That is quite a handy looking outfit. For which rule set is this formation designed? It looks a bit like Command Decision, but the unit has some useful looking support inventory, which I don't recall from CD.

I like the camo: very effective. I have a feeing that its style is like that of good poetry: looks easy and effortless, but takes a whole deal of care to achieve the effect you want. Fine looking livery, at any rate.

Don M said...

Thanks Piccio, The unit design came from a idea from the late 70s called series 78 where the entire unit was sold in either 1/72nd scale or ROCO 1/87th scale.
Basically each unit had ten tanks,
in 3 tank companies with one battalion commander tank, with
3 APCs, and various support elements. Infantry units reverse
the tanks to APCs ratio. I use this for NQM and Megablitz rules.
As for the paint job it was a basic Russian green where I use a very beat up brush to apply the white wash with the hope of making it look like the crews did it themselves with brooms etc.

Chris Kemp said...

I love the limber made from an old Caterpillar tractor, Don. Living proof that if you throw enough paint at a target, some of it will stick. Well done, that man!

Regards, Chris

Don M said...

Thanks Chris, that old model rail road tractor finally had a use...)