Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tanker's Tuesday:Cruiser Tank Mark 1, A9, A9E1, C.S.

Designed by Vickers in 1936 and built for the purpose of replacing the 
aging Medium Mark 1 and 2. It was to incorporate the best features of 
the cancelled A6 project. This tank was in active service from 1938 to 
1941. The Close Support (C.S.) version mounted a 3.7" howitzer in 
place of the 2 pounder main gun. The Germans were known to have 
used a few captured Mark 1 C.S. tanks in North Africa as late as 1942.



Tim Gow said...

A splendid looking device. Three turrets seems like a reasonable quantity...

Don M said...

Yes give the driver his own MG, talk about enabling road rage......)

Chris Kemp said...

Three turrets? Typical war office penny pinching! Five is surely the way forward?