Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tanker's Tuesday: BOLOS!

Keith Laumer was a well-known and respected science fiction writer
who, during the 1960s, began writing short stories featuring sentient
robotic tanks known as Bolos, huge and powerful combat machines
that often seemed to understand such concepts as "honor" and "duty"
better than some of their human commanders.
Laumer died a few years ago, and his work will be missed . . . especially
his stories and novels about Retief, the always-ready, always-brilliant
galactic diplomat. The Bolo stories have enjoyed a kind of renaissance,
however, as Baen Books began publishing a series of collections of new
Bolo stories, written by various authors. My "Hold Until Relieved"
appears in the fourth of these: Bolos Book 4: Last Stand.



Robert Hingley said...

I think my favorite Bolo story has always been "For the Honour of the Regiment". IMO SJ's Ogre & GEV Games were a great adaptation (I don't want to say rip-off)of the Bolo universe.

Don M said...

I can see the relationship between the two Robert, although the BOLO
have allot more depth to them than
the OGRE, but the general idea was the same.

Joe said...

They are some great books, the last one written after his death was a bit
different, think it was called "Road to Damascus" didn't really feel like
Laumer's work but not bad.

Bill said...

It is a classic, Laumer is missed by his fans!