Monday, August 5, 2013



Commander Colonel K Kish

The Second Armored Cavalry Regiment, is the oldest in
the army (my collection) and started out many years ago
with AURA M47s and M4s, these came from several box
sets of Anzio landing put out in the late 60s to early 70s,
these were supplemented with Roco M4s and M41s, and
odds and ends from everywhere. These I no longer have
as I gave my collection to my younger brothers and 
went off to the army in 1978.

While serving in Korea a few years later the unit underwent
a reestablishment and modernization, I rebuilt the unit with
ROCO M48A5s Korean made M48A5s, ROCO M113s and
various support elements. At the time of building this unit
(1981) that was the current equipment type in the Second
Infantry Division where I was assigned. Happily I still have
this lot, the equipment has just been latterly transferred to
 the reserves.

The unit was upgraded again in 1984 with ROCO M60A3s
while maintaining the same support elements.This unit
soldiered on for many years in this form. These are also
still in my possession and have been moved to a second
line unit (more on them later).

After a few fights with the FPPR's T72s and BMPs it was
time upgrade the force with new equipment. Between 1997
to 2003 I started to pick up M1 and Bradley tanks and ACVs
and once again 2ACR was modernized. Using my standard
MTO 2ACR is equipped with ten M1A2s, and three M2
Bradley ACVs. These are supported by 3 Mortar Carriers,
two M557 Command Vehicles, one M109A3 howitzer with
ammo carrier, one NBC vehicle, one M88 armored recovery
vehicle, Three TOW armed HUMVEE, ADA track,TOC,
Supply, and Maintenance trucks. Although the unit
commander rides in an M1 during battle he has a HUMVEE
for administrative duties. To this standard unit various support
elements can be attached for specific missions from higher 
command such as engineers etc.

Complete Regiment

Scout Company

Tank Company

Infantry Company
Artillery & Mortar

ADA Track


Bill said...

After a few fights with the FPPR's T72s and BMPs it was
time upgrade the force with new equipment.....Yeah it sure was!
The old M60s did give a good account of
themselves but, numbers got them!

Don M said...

Indeed the godless commie hordes
can be quite daunting! The M1A2
goes a long way in redressing the balance ;-)

Tim Gow said...

It's about time we saw some of the toys! Good stuff - and expect for painting all that MERDC!

Don M said...

MERDC is easy in small scale after
painting a few life sized examples!

Joe said...

Pretty cool Don, I want an airborne unit..)

Don M said...

OK Joe I got just the one for you!