Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Latest Impulse Buy :U S Stryker Teams

U S Stryker team 1

 U S Stryker team 2

And my odds and ends to add to the above....)


Bill said...

What,an impulse buy? You? Say it isn't so! LOL

They look pretty good for scratch builds I must say.

I see you tagged this as Airborne, so is that the unit type they're going to be?

Don M said...

LOL,Yeah my well known (Cough Cough)spending discipline slipped momentarily!

Yeah they caught my eye there. Yeah I'm taking inspiration from Peter's War he has a airborne mechanized unit.

Joe said...

lol yeah Bill Don never ever buys on an impulse!

They do look pretty nice!

paratrooper629 said...

Outstanding M8 AGS!!!! How did you do it and what scale is it????
I've been looking for the M8 AGS in 1/72d and 1/87 scale- any chance you could build them for me??? please let me know how much $$$ for them. thanks!

Don M said...

I got them from a guy on ebay they are 1/87th scale, you should be able
to make one in this scale out of the old matchbox m60 and a turret change

paratrooper629 said...

I will trade an unbuilt 1/48 scale aurora MBT 70 for one of your m8 AGS in 1/87 scale.. deal?