Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tanker's Tuesday: Cold War Hero: M60

The M60 Patton, officially the 105 mm Gun Full Tracked Combat Tank, M60, is a first-generation main battle tank (MBT) introduced in December 1960. It was widely used by the U.S. and its Cold War allies, especially those in NATO, and remains in service throughout the world today despite having been superseded by the M1 Abrams in the U.S. military. Egypt is currently the largest operator with 1,716 upgraded M60A3s, Turkey is second with 866 upgraded units in service, and Israel is third with over 700 units of Israeli variants



I think I'm the 4th largest operator...that's just one of the 4 boxes....)


Tim Gow said...

I always rather like the look of the M60. I think that has a lot to do with it having been 'current' when I first became interested in 'modern' period wargaming.

Don M said...

Same here,it was also current my first six or so years of my army service.

Bill said...

It was current for my first ten years! Liked the upgrade to the M1 though.