Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Rat Patrol

The Rat Patrol is an American television program that aired on ABC during the 1966–1968 seasons. The show follows the exploits of four Allied soldiers — three Americans and one Englishman — who are part of a long-range desert patrol group in the North African campaign during World War II. Their mission: "to attack, harass and wreak havoc on Field Marshal Rommel's vaunted Afrika
Sgt. Sam TroyChristopher GeorgeThe unit's leader, Troy is an intuitive, resourceful, clever and gritty-yet-compassionate leader who always wears an Australian army Slouch hat.
Sgt. Jack MoffittGary RaymondThe British member of the unit. An expert on the desert and on the local Arab tribes which inhabit it, Moffitt speaks fluent German and Arabic. Before the outbreak of war, he accompanied his father (a noted archaeologist) on multiple trips to the Sahara.
Pvt. Mark T. HitchcockLawrence CaseyKnown as "Hitch". The college-man-turned-soldier often chews bubblegum and wears a red kepi with gold trim similar to those worn by Zouave and artillery troops during the American Civil War. Occasionally shows his "Ladies' Man" side.
Pvt. Tully PettigrewJustin TarrCalled one of the Army's best wheelmen by Troy, Tully grew up in Kentucky and apparently gained his remarkable driving skills by running moonshine.

Notable enemies included:
Hauptmann (Captain) Hans DietrichHans GudegastA dedicated, but honorable German officer and the Patrol's main nemesis. By the end of the series it becomes clear that Dietrich, although a cunning opponent, never stoops to the cruel methods of fellow Nazi officers.

I have first season on DVD, notable items, American M3 half tracks with angled hoods to look
German and equipped with "Boys Anti-tank Rifle" and 105mm SP Priest used as a Stug
(I guess) stand in! All in all watching this again reminds me of some of JRs (the Late, John G Robertson) work that you can see on Tim Gow's page:


Tim Gow said...

I think there was a Priest (along with the inevitable US halftracks) in Ice Cold in Alex. I wonder if it was the same one....

Don M said...

It was filmed in Spain so and there was always a pair of them,
as well as the usual M47 and M41
tanks etc so I'm thinking they were ex-or current Spanish Army.

Bill said...

One of my favorites as a kid.
The first season was filmed in Spain the second was in Morocco.

Don M said...

I've got season one, I have to pick up season two!