Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tanker's Tuesday!

Thought it was past time to inaugurate my very own subject of the day, therefore without further adieu I present:Tanker's Tuesday! There is so much in my collection to choose from here but
being a bit of a traditionalist I thought it best to start at the beginning. Here are a few of my WWI French tanks, a St Chamond and a pair of Renault FT 17s. These are 15mm Miniature Figures Limited that I've had for years.


Chris Kemp said...

Modern armour. About time too!

C'est magnifique!

Regards, Chris

Don M said...

nothing quite like state of the art is there? lol

Tim Gow said...

That takes me back! I used to game with a chap in Perth (the real one) who had loads of Minifigs 15mm WW1 stuff. I think that at the time (early '80s) it was probably the only range in that scale and period.