Friday, June 15, 2012

All Hail Bombastia! (part one)

Bombastian National Colors

After a prolonged illness the greatly beloved king Stanislav IV
passed away while his son Stanislav V was at university in
England. During the last kings illness the Minster of war 
Boris Badnick was appointed Prime Minister and also assumed
the roles of Minister of the Interior and Chancellor of the
Exchequer. This effectively gave him all the power within the
government. During the several years of the late king's
convalescence Badnick consolidated his hold on power and
created the NISP the dreaded National Internal Security Police
that report directly to him.

                                                                  Stanislav IV

The New King Stanislav V came home with the news of his father's
death for his coronation,it was decided that he finish his studies and
then assume his full responsibilities after graduation as he had less
than a year to complete. It was also felt that as the new king who was
not yet married nor even betrothed, that every step be taken so that the
royal line be sustained and a proper match be found for the new king.

                                                                   Stanislav V

The real power in Bombastia is His Excellency Boris Badnick, he
controls all non ceremonial aspects of the state. In the last ten years
he has cemented his power with family appointments to various
civil government and military positions, his eldest son Vasili now
Commands the Royal Guard for example.
                                                  His Excellency Boris Badnick


Don M said...

LOL, old Boris looks vaguely familiar for some reason?
Nice job so far looking forward
to the rest...)

Tim Gow said...

Don - Boris looks a bit like that chap who plays the bad guy in lots of war films...

La Coloniale said...

Tim Gow said...
Don - Boris looks a bit like that chap who plays the bad guy in lots of war films...

Actually it's Charlie Chaplin from the movie "The Great Dictator" but, close enough and it was the effect I was going for.

Bill said...

Very nice write up James! I guess I should do one for the FPPR.

Lead Legion said...

great pics and a lovely write-up. Good stuff.

Joe said...

Nice write up James. So are you allied with the BEE?