Friday, March 16, 2012

Battle Of Britain

Here are two Messerschmitt 110s, A Stuka, and three ME109s,
these are all metal castings in 1/144th scale that were made in
the late 90s for a Battle Of Britain  game, I also have three Spitfires
and 3 Hurricanes (as of yet unpainted) I can not recall the
manufacturer and only wish I had picked up more back then
as these are great castings.


Tim Gow said...

Nice models. i do have a soft spot for the Bf110 - possibly because it is so widely regarded as being rubbish.

Don M said...

I rather like them also, the nice thing about these are they are one piece and solid, only the Stuka landing gear are these!

Tim Gow said...

One piece castings? They sound like True North models.

Don M said...

Yes but I know they were from the UK and I got them in 96, and I
don't think True North models
existed back then.

Paul said...

Nice pieces for the Summer of 1940. Now where are the Dorniers, Junkers and He III's...?

Can you chuck something in for scale purposes Don.

Don M said...

Paul I have two JU88s and two
HE111s they are Revel Kits
(not built just yet)

Let me see what I can do about the scale.....)