Sunday, August 21, 2011

South Texas Minicon AAR

First off my thanks to Mack and all the guys who came, I had a great time.

I put on a Demo of "When The Navy Walked" everyone enjoyed the speed
of the game and really liked the concept!

The game was between German invaders verses Italian defenders.
The Italians had two medium Walker Landships, three field guns,
three heavy machine guns, and seven battalions of infantry.

The Germans had one light walker, three battalions of infantry and
the massive capital unit. KLBS Rhineland

I built this monster and as I've said before, I'm half German
so I suffer through that gigantism gene (think Schwerer Gustav)....)

The German player mounter two of his infantry units within the
Rhineland to be dropped off where needed. The other German unit
followed the light walker on the German right flank.
Italians were in morning roll call formation as the Germans landed
and were in a rush trying to deploy to meet the advance.

As it was to turn out the Italians never succeeded to bring their weapons
to bare as they would have wished. The Germans went strait up the center
with the loss of their light walker and a few troops. The Italians however
loss both walkers a field gun all three machine guns and two routed infantry
units. Without enough combat power the Italians withdrew from the field.


Desert Scribe said...

Don, thanks for braving Austin traffic on the tax-free holiday weekend to come demo When the Navy Walked. I enjoyed the game, and your land dreadnought looked fantastic. I hope your drive back home was much less stressful! :)

Don M said...

Thanks the drive back was way better took the toll way!

ArmChairGeneral said...

Looks like everyone had a blast Don! Did you have a clear winner?

Don M said...

Yup Desrt Scribe (Mack)...and he loved the rules!

ArmChairGeneral said...

Well Desert Scribe email me and I'll send you a pdf. Congrats on your win! BTW we have minis out!