Sunday, May 29, 2011


"Oh Hail My Bombastia, Home Of The Brave And For

The Most Part Free!"

(Excerpt From the overly long Bobastian National Anthem..)


Desert Scribe said...

I think you need some more tanks.

Don M said...

Since Chris Kemp put these up on his page I figured I'd do a little more work on them...still a ways to go.

Don M said...

It's a very small country with limited resources...;-)

Tim Gow said...

Very impressive - but I'm sure that buying more tanks would be a wise decision!

Don M said...

There are 20 light and six heavy tanks as well as 10 armored cars,
not pictured are the six pieces
of artillery and several regiments of infantry and cavalry. However
due to the unexpected expense of her Majesty's wardrobe for the upcoming Sliver Jubilee, the kindoms finances are rather stretched..Pity really as His Majesty had high hopes of updating the Royal Flying Corps this year.....

Bill said...

That is why the FPPR has the
more logical Dictatorship of
the Proletariat...We always get
our tanks!!!