Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Campaign Ideas

My friend over on Super Galactic Dreadnought
had a few questions
about doing a star ship campaign, here are my answers:
Had a few ideas how to go about this that I wanted to run by you.
I must admit up front to being a big Firefly fan, so here goes.
Place the planetary system in-between two rival powers with
a civil war ongoing backed covertly by the two powers. This is
where your players come in.You give your players each a
Corvette classed ship (second line)and they have to be the
gun runners one of the sides in the conflict. They would have
to pick up the weapons transport them back to the planet, moon,
space station or faction ship. All the while avoiding both the small
planetary defense forces of the other faction and patrol ships of
the other major power.
This campaign can be run by you separately and then folded into
my bigger campaign this summer...more on that to follow.

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Bill said...

Sounds like us in the good old days!
Hope you guys put something together soon!