Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sardaukar Stand Off

The small city of Tsimpo south west of Arrakeen is the main
area for the CHOAM companies Carry All storage and servicing,
as well as the living area for the company personal and local
workers. Over the last year
frequent Fremen attacks on the
Harkonnen and more importantly the CHOAM companies

possessions. In light of this fact the Spacing Guild petitioned
the Emperor to
reinforce all the critical areas of spice production
and storage.
Four squads of
elite Sardaukar have been stationed at the airfield
at Tsimpo with 2 transports.
In addition to these forces there are also
twelve Harkonnen squads on the airfield and barracks as well patrols
in the town.There are also two squads of CHOAM company security
police at various company buildings, with one riot squad and vehicle
at company headquarters south of the airfield.

The main problem here are of course the locals, desperately needed
for spice gathering and refinement. But facts have shown that they are
more than likely at least sympathetic to if not in league with the desert

Some resent good luck, we did manage to capture a Fremen Naib of
Sietch Tuck. He is being held under heavy guard in the holding area
on the airfield awaiting pick up by Harkonnen security from Arrakeen
in two days.......

Note: you will notice that there are no dispositions of Fremen forces
here,the reason is that as this is guerrilla war the locals know the
enemy far better then they are known.......war is hell )

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