Monday, January 31, 2011

FPPR Central Committee Official Communiqué


Don M said...

The BEE General staff has a somewhat
different take on this most regrettable incident...It seems that
with or without orders the FPPR 5th Guards Shock Army crossed the boarder deep into BEE territory and was engaged by the 3rd Territorial Reserve Division(second Line Troops) and was first checked at Stillhouse River and then was driven back with heavy loss by fighter bombers of the 2nd CAS Sqd, well before our first line units could arrive.

Tim Gow said...

Will there be any game reports arising from this border dispute?

Doo said...

Wow, interesting!

Don M said...

Tim this is the provocation phase
(i.e.) the pre-game warm up, there
will be a major tank clash shortly!

Bill said...

Yet more Imperialist warmongering propaganda, we will not tolerate any further incursions into our territory!