Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stargrunt 2 Millieu: Marc Miller's Traveller

This page contains a 'best guess' rendition of the Classic Traveller/MegaTraveller/Traveller:The New Era/Traveller worlds equipment, races and organization.

Copyright for Traveller (the latest release) belongs to Imperium Games (and therefore I'm sure to Marc Miller). I'm not sure who the Copyright for the other previous Traveller releases belongs to - Game Designer's Workshop once owned them, but as it is now defunct, I believe all the rights have reverted to Marc. Copyright for Stargrunt 2 is Ground Zero Games and Jon Tuffley if I'm not sorely mistaken. Now, this page should be taken as a tribute to Traveller (best, longest lived SF RPG that their ever was and is!) and to Stargrunt 2, a relatively new, but incredibly fun, fast, and meaty squad-level miniatures combat game by Ground Zero Games. It is not a challenge to the rights of Marc Miller, Imperium Games, Game Designer's Workshop (if it has any left), or to Jon Tuffley and the crew at Ground Zero Games. I assert their rights remain inviolate, and I seek to pervert the spirit of neither system. Traveller has some rules for resolving mass combat, but they are simplified (unless you count Striker as part of the Traveller system, and then they take a step the other way). Striker may be fine for the people who still have it, and building Grav tanks using the Striker design guides, or using either iteration of Fire Fusion and Steel may be all right, but it probably goes beyond the scope of those folks who just want to add some small scale miniatures battles to their games, or for those SG2 players who like the Traveller milieu and just want to use it as a background for some small battles. The one thing the 11,000 worlds of the Third Imperium provide (and during the Rebellions and following times) is a great place for conflicts both small and large scale.

So without further adieu, I give you some best guess descriptions of Traveller equipment in Stargrunt 2 parlance.


· Jack (D3 Armour)

· Mesh (D4 Armour)

· Reflec (D8 Armour vs. Lasers Only)

· Flak Jacket (D5 Armour)

· Cloth (D6 Armour)

· Combat Environment Suit (D8 Armour)

· Combat Armour (D10 Armour)

· Battle Dress, TL-13 (Light, Slow Powered Armour)

· Battle Dress, TL-14 (Heavy, Slow Powered Armour)

· Battle Dress, TL-15 (Heavy, Fast Powered Armour)

· Vacc Suit (D6 Armour)

· Hostile Environment Vacc Suit (D8 Armour, Slow, Heavy Powered Armour)

Weapons (Personal)

· Body Pistol (d4 Impact, FP 0.5, Close Only)

· Revolver (d6 Impact, FP 1.0, Close Only)

· Auto Pistol (d6 Impact, FP 1.0, Close Only)

· Snub Pistol (d8 Impact, FP 1.0, Close Only)

· Gauss Pistol (d8 Impact, FP 2.0)

· Submachine Gun (d6 Impact, FP 3.0, Close Only)

· Assault Rifle (d8 Impact, FP 3.0)

· Rifle (d8 Impact, FP 1.0)

· Carbine (d6 Impact, FP 1.0)

· Shotgun (d10 Impact, FP 3.0, Close Only)

· Automatic Shotgun (d10 Impact, FP 4.0, Close Only) (Flechettes d8 Impact, FP 3.0, 2 Range Bands)

· Mass Driver Rifle

· Advanced Combat Rifle (d10 Impact, FP 3.0)

· Gauss Rifle (d10 Impact, FP 3.0)

· Laser Rifle-9 (d8 Impact, FP 1.0)

· Laser Rifle-13 (d10 Impact, FP 1.0)

· Laser Carbine-9 (d6 Impact, FP 1.0)

· Laser Carbine-13 (d8 Impact, FP 1.0)

· Laser Pistol-9 (d6 Impact, FP 1.0, Close Only)

· Laser Pistol-13 (d8 Impact, FP 1.0, Close Only)

· Neural Weapons (d6 Impact, FP 1.0 Close Only (Pistol), d8 Impact, FP 3.0 (Rifle))

Support Weapons

· Machine Gun

· Light Machine Gun

· Light Assault Gun

· Grenade Launcher

· Autocannon

· Auto Grenade Launcher

· VRF Gauss Gun

· PGMP-12

· PGMP-13

· PGMP-14

· FGMP-13

· FGMP-14

· FGMP-15

· RAM Grenades

· TAC Missiles

· Mortars

Special Rules


Gyrostabilized weapons with electronic sights allow firing of the weapon with a one step improvement in FP die, and this is an open shift.

Battle Dress

Battle dress (Powered Armour) in the Traveller universe not only provides increased carrying capacity, built in targetting systems, built in interface adapters for certain weapons systems, etc, it also includes advanced communications systems and a strength multiplier system.

Chameleon Functions

Neural Weapons

Neural Weapons hits do not have to check against armour. Ergo whatever number of casualty hits is scored against the unit before armour checks is how many casualties the unit takes, since armour is ignored. Note, like normal hits, you may score several on one target. Any target that takes more than three hits from a Neural Weapon may be considered killed from Neural Shock.


dylan said...

I don't think combat environment suit gives markedly superior armour protection to cloth armour in the Traveller setting.

Don M said...

Been quite a while but I think this idea was a carry over from Striker.