Monday, July 12, 2010

US Army CrossWorld Combat Command-Recon Squad

US Army CrossWorld Combat Command-Recon squad, '45
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Lieutenant-Binox, map case with cartography kit, compass, smoke grenade, whistle
M2 autoCarbine, captured German pistol
, knows 2 languages, Ley Line talent

Corporal-radio/walkietalkie, low level psionic, M3 Smg, gadgeteer, small toolkit

Corporal-Scout/Sniper, M1903 springfield w/scope, specially trained dog, .357
revolver Bolo knife

Sgt-Squadleader, M3 Smg, Augmented Voice

FireTeam Alpha-rifleman, M1 garand, 3 grenades
Bar gunner
Bar ammo carrier, winchester pump shotgun
Cbt Psi or Mage Specialist, close cbt trained, pistol
FireTeam Bravo-same as above

Corporal-Battle Chaplain and Medic, no weapons, minor healing power

A 15-man squad for recon.Or should it be reduced by doubling up what everyman
can do?

Assume standard issue gear with these. each wold have transponder stakes

Should stat squads out for each era- '39-'41, '42-'44 and '45 to '55

More to be found on Weird War II:

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