Saturday, November 28, 2009

Insulae Mucronis - Legion

The core of the Expeditionary Forces are the Legions, division-sized formations of professional, long-service infantry, lavishly equipped with heavy weapons and with many motorized support elements. This is translated into stands for use with Not Quite Mechanized, and represents a Legion as of the start of the Great Central War.

Headquarters –Command stand (s3), Signals van (S3)

3xInfantry Regiment

HQ - Command (s2), 45mm AT gun (s3), 75mm pack howitzer (s2), 81mm (s3), Engineer stand with flamethrower (s3), mounted FOO stand (s1)

3xCohorts - Command (s1), 3xRifle Stands (s3), MMG (s3), HMG (s3), ATR (s2) 81mmmortar (s3)

Artillery Brigade

2xRegiments (1 horse drawn, 1 motorized)

Regiment Command stand (s2), Signals Van, 3xFOO (s1), 3xJeeps

2xLight battalions – 1x75mm, truck or limber

1xMedium battalion – 1x105mm, truck or limber

Cavalry Battalion – Command stand (s1, mounted) 3xRecce Stands (s3, mounted), 1x81mm mortar (s3)

Engineer Battalion – 1xCommand stand (s1) 3xEngineer stands with flamethrowers (s3), 3xTrucks

Anti-tank battalion -- 3x45mm, 3xtrucks

Anti-aircraft battalion -- 3xAAMG, 3xtrucks

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