Thursday, October 29, 2009

Zombie War

In the first half of the show, Ian was joined by
researcher and author of The Zombie Survival
Guide, Max Brooks, for a War of the Worlds-style
radio report on World War Z, the war with the
zombies. Brooks, who documented the oral history
of these events*, said the zombie plague originated
at a lake in China, where a man and his son were
diving for relics. The father disappeared, the boy
came up with a bite mark on his foot, and from there
it spread, he noted. According to Brooks, the Chinese
government covered up the ensuing outbreak and
never alerted the international community to the
impending worldwide apocalypse.

Many countries fell to the walking plague, Brooks
continued, including Japan, North Korea, and part
of the United States east of the Rocky Mountains.
Israel was one of the few nations to initiate a
nationwide quarantine in time, extending a security
fence around the entire country (1967 borders). The
island nation of Cuba came through unscathed,
Brooks added. In all, the zombie war decimated the
human population and, even though the worst of it
is over, the undead still pose a significant threat to

Brooks said land areas known as "White Zones" remain
infested with zombies. The walking dead roam the ocean
floor as well, perhaps in the millions, he warned. Colder
areas of the planet must deal with outbreaks every spring,
when frozen zombies thaw out and begin searching for
humans to consume. Brooks also briefly spoke about some
of the heroes of the war, the role religion played during the
crisis, and how the U.N. has assisted in the rebuilding process.

*The events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any
similarity between persons living and (un) dead is purely

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