Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Call To Arms

Five years after the end of the Shadow War, the Drahk have
finally activated the last of the Death Clouds constructed by
their former masters. With the Shadows and Vorlons both
passed beyond the rim, their home-world destroyed, the
Drahk do what they have been taught to do for millennia,
they start war. Their target, the home-world of the man who
defeated their masters, and ended their purpose in the galaxy,
The Earth Alliance does not generally mobilize a battle fleet in
the middle of the night, based solely on the desperate call of
a crackpot. But John Sheridan is no ordinary crackpot.
Starkiller, Destroyer of Z'ha'dum, Traitor, President of the
Interstellar Alliance, he has already changed the course of the
human history four times. So when he tells Earth Force to deploy
every available ship in defense of Earth, the Joint Chiefs listen,
because if he is right, humanity could be preparing for the
second Battle of the Line.

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