Monday, March 23, 2009


This Science-Fiction battle, the first of three linked games, was our fifth game for the year 2009. We played this at Jay Stribling's home in Jackson Mississippi on February 21st. Our rules were cobbled up by Fred Diamond who knows that the Jackson Gamers prefer simple rules. Fred provided the mechs and ran the game.

Young's Yeomen (Phil Young) showed themselves admirably to the forces of the clans, surviving the battle with only four lost battlemechs (panther, stalking spider, atlas, atlas). Having survived the battle with his forces mostly intact, Captain Young was able to leave the field in honor, with two of his pilots moving into the legendary fields. with the salvage from his four lost mechs, he will be able to repair his wounds and fall back to the next stronghold to continue on his contraact, the clans will write in the remembrance of the battle with Captain Young and note that this mercenary is very honorable

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