Monday, January 19, 2009

Dan Becker's Flames of War Early War French Infantry Company

Update 2004/07/11: More photos were added in this article.) In March of 2004, I visited my local game store Great Hall Games in Austin, Texas, and saw some members of the Lone Star Historical Miniatures group playing a World War II miniatures game. From my familiarity with Avalon Hill's Squad Leader board game and Atomic's Close Combat computer games, I enjoyed seeing the 15mm miniature tanks and guns and platoons on the table. With their rulers and dice and loads of miniature scenery, the players all looked like they were having a fun time punctuated with good-natured, somewhat intense historical debates over which were the best tanks (T-34 or Panzer V?), machine guns (MG42 or BAR?), and tactics. They were using the Battlefront Flames of War rules.

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